Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Great Reed Warbler at Green Park Reading

Thursday 22nd May I drove to Clapham, near North Clapham tube station for two calls, I then got the tube to Aldgate for another call, and while here a storm came through with a lot of thunder and lightning, heavy rain and hail stones, during this storm it was reported that the Shard was hit by lightning. I finished my third call of the day, and read a report on a Great Reed Warbler at green Park Reading. I returned to my car at Clapham and drove to Green Park, and found the gathered birders watching a small reed bed, in which the Great Reed Warbler had last been seen in around 20-30mins before I arrived.

After a while brief views were obtained, then some calls were heard, eventually it started to sing, what a voice, and then good views as it moved higher up in the reeds, with Reed warblers also it the reed bed, the size difference was easy to see. After the White stork and Temminck's stints this was another bird I had not seen for a long time, the last one I saw was at Frensham little pond Surrey on 5th June 2002.
2014 Year List = 187

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