Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Clandon (Staple Lane) Surrey

Monday 24th February and I had another morning in docklands, so on my return home I went to Clandon Surrey to see if I could locate the reported Bramblings. I drove up and down Staple Lane and found the area, set of walking around a field, seeing skylark & a nice flock of linnets,.

I then walked down to Old Scotland farm,

and on my return found some Bramblings high up in a Beech tree.

2014 Year List = 137

Chinese pond heron all to myself

On Thursday 20th February my call today got cancelled by the user, so as the Chinese pond heron had been reported again I set of to Hythe, I arrived around 09:00 at Turnpike hill, No others birders around, had a quick drive around and the parked up. At the time I did not think I would see this bird as it spends a lot of time in back gardens out of view. Any way I got out my binoculars and started to go through the trees near the children's play area, when I found the Chinese pond heron, it looked settled so I quickly went back to the car for my scope, and got some great views and some record shots. Put the news out, but the Chinese pond heron was flushed by a passing dog walker and flew deeper into the wood and out of sight.

I then went onto Dungeness,

 where I started with a quick sea watch, a few Little gulls feeding around the patch,

then to the ARC to shelter from the rain and have some lunch.

Rain seemed to stop so headed for the viewing area for Hookers pits, stopped of at Boulderwall farm for Tree sparrows.

The started again so I went to RSPB main building and waitied to see if rain would stop, it didn’t look like it was going to, so I started to head home down the track, but the clouds where clearing, so I parked up at the farm and the sun came out, so went to viewing area.

I had no luck with finding any Bearded tit or Penduline tit, earlier I had been in contact with LRGE, about the Chinese pond heron and Lee arrived, we search the reeds for the Penduline tit, it was windy, so we did not see any but had great views of Marsh harriers. on the way back to our cars had good views of a Great white egret,

and then back to our homes.
2014 Year List = 135

An afternoon at WWT Slimbridge

On Wednesday 19th February after completing my work in Bristol I spent the rest of the day at WWT Slimbridge, adding Bewick's swan, European white-fronted goose, Crane, Golden plover, Little stint & Black-tailed godwit.

2014 Year List = 130

Two gulls at Littlehampton

Monday 17th February, I had a job in docklands, so left home early as I was hoping to go and see the Chinese pond heron, but it had not been seen/reported for a couple of days so afterwards drove down to Littlehampton for the Kumlien's gull a new bird for me, and also saw the Glaucous gull. Using the information out on this gull, I drove to the car park at West beach, and was quickly put on to the Kumlien's by other birders, and also the Glaucous

2014 Year List = 122

Red-flanked Bluetail Marshfield

I was a lot closer to Marshfield yesterday as working in Bristol, but could not get away, to see this bird, but today (Wednesday 5th February) I finished my job in Basingstoke then headed of to Marshfield, and with some other birders got some great views of the Red-flanked Blurtail, a lifer for me, great to see how it quivered its tail., on the way back stopped of down Rushmead Lane and saw Peregrine, Fieldfare, Yellowhammer & Corn bunting.

2014 Year Liis = 120

Quick visits to different Blashford lakes

Thursday 30th and back in Bournemouth,  so did some searching for what birds were around, and at lunchtime did a quick dash around seeing the flood at Harbridge,

and adding Green sandpiper (Ivy lake),

Red-crested pochard (Rockford lake),

and Grey wagtail (Linbrook lake west)

2014 Year List = 115

Two Smew :o) but very wet

Tuesday 28th had a morning job in building next to Heathrow perimeter road, so after I had a walk around the Wraysbury gravel pits at the Hythe end. An interesting walk, as some trees down and the water level high. I was nearly all the way round and found two redhead Smew, and a little further on the path was completely covered in flood water, had a job in Croydon, so could not go back, so carried on and the water went up to my knees at one point. Got back to my car, put away what I could, took off my boots and socks, and drove around the M25, to the new services at Cobham, got my work clothes out and went in to services to wash and get changed before heading of to Croydon.

2014 Year List = 112

No Smew & No Great Grey Shrike

Monday 27th atfer working in Cody road E16, I stopped off at the Watercolour lakes Holmethorpe near Redhill for the reported Smew, then to Thursley common for the reported Great grey shrike.

No Smew & No Great Grey Shrike