Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Two Smew :o) but very wet

Tuesday 28th had a morning job in building next to Heathrow perimeter road, so after I had a walk around the Wraysbury gravel pits at the Hythe end. An interesting walk, as some trees down and the water level high. I was nearly all the way round and found two redhead Smew, and a little further on the path was completely covered in flood water, had a job in Croydon, so could not go back, so carried on and the water went up to my knees at one point. Got back to my car, put away what I could, took off my boots and socks, and drove around the M25, to the new services at Cobham, got my work clothes out and went in to services to wash and get changed before heading of to Croydon.

2014 Year List = 112

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