Monday, May 12, 2014

White Stork at Spencers Wood 1st May after work.

After seeing the reports of a White Stork at Spencers Wood Berkshire, I headed straight there after work, as the last White Storks I saw were the two at Burpham Court Farm Surrey on 30th March 2000.
I went to Swallowfield parish hall, and saw another birder looking out over the fields from the recreation ground, I went over and he could not see the White Stork. Soon after this he received a message that it could be viewed from Spencers Wood, park down Sussex lane and follow the footpath down to the River Loddon. So we both went back to our cars and told this to some birders that had also arrived, and we all went to the field, and got great views of the stork on the ground and in flight.

Also nice to hear a Cuckoo calling.

2014 Year List = 175

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