Friday, October 17, 2014

Blow's Down Part II and Little Marlow GP

On Thursday 2nd October the Barred Warbler had once again been reported at Blow's Down so I decided to give it another go. I arrived around 12:45 and joined the other birders near the Barred warblers favourite clump of bushes. They had recently seen it, so I set up my scope and got my camera ready, I didn't have to wait long as it came into full view and started eating elder berries.
It then went back into the clump, The Stonechats were still on site so I had another look at these, the Barred warbler then flew up the hill to another smaller bush, so I went and had another look, seeing it as it again feed on berries on the top. Another bird for my UK life list.

2014 Year List = 225

I then headed to Little Marlow GP for the reported Firecrest, I arrived around 15:00 and set of around the gravel pit seeing 47 species the last being the Firecrest a little before 18:00.

2014 Year List = 226

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