Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Bee-eaters at the Wydcombe Estate Isle of Wight

On Tuesday 5th August after finishing work in Havant at 17:00, I made the short drive to Southsea, parked in the Esplanade car park, and then took the hovercraft across to Ryde. Then from Ryde I took the Route 9 bus to Newport bus station, where I was hoping to take the Route 6 bus, but the last bus on this route went at 17:45, I thought about taking the Route 3 bus to Ventnor and making my way to Wydcombe from here, I then saw the queue and looked at the time, so I took a taxi, and arrived around 19:00. I soon found the track and the National Trust gazebo, there was a few other birders on site, one was Rob who was on the island doing a survey on the Glanville fritillary butterfly, I shared my scope with him. We had great views distant at first when they were in the far dead tree, then closer as one few around catching a large dragonfly and then landing in the trees near to the gazebo to eat its catch, before flying back down the field. So after around 30mins on site I had to make a move back to the mainland, Rob then offered me a lift back to Ryde, which I gratefully accepted. On arriving at Ryde I gave Rob some petrol money and said good bye, I saw the hovercraft arrive, so had short wait for the return trip to Southsea. Once back in Southsea I walked across the road to the car park and then drove home to Farnborough, and got a chinese take away for dinner, to end a great evening, Bee-eater a new bird for my UK life list.

2014 Year List = 210

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