Friday, August 29, 2014

A lunchtime walk around Farlington Marshes

Thursday 28th August and in the morning a wryneck was found along the eastern seawall, so at lunchtime I went for a walk around Farlington marshes. I parked up and walked to the main reserve building, behind on the pool were Moorhen and Coot.
I then looked over the stream, reed beds and bushes seeing the following: Little grebe, Little egret, Mute swan, Gadwall, Teal, Mallard, Sparrowhawk, Black-tailed godwit, Greenshank, Black-headed gull, Woodpigeon, Wren, Robin & Cetti's warbler.

I then walked up to the eastern seawall to start the walk back around to the car park. A number of other birders also looking for the Wryneck, but no more sightings. Looked over the islands and water of this part of Langstone harbour adding, Great crested grebe, Cormorant & OSPREY.
 In with the cattle in the field near the deeps were Canada goose, Yellow wagtail, Wheatear, Magpie, Carrion crow and overhead Swallow.

Further round the seawall there is a small island and on this were an Oystercatcher, a Snipe and four Whimbrel. Moving on to west side where there is a larger island, and on this I found a single Bar-tailed godwit, also Grey heron, Curlew & Redshank.

Then on to the main lake, and on the fence behind were six Whinchats, and nearby were Lapwing and a large flock on Starling.

2014 Year List = 215

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