Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bracknell (Western Industrial Area & Priestwood)

Monday 21st January I was working down Western Road, so at lunch time I went for a walk, to see the Peregrines that live on the 3M building. As I walked down Western Road I saw Feral Pigeon, Woodpigeon, Great tit & Black-headed gull. I crossed over to Wokingham Road, and when at the Western Roundabout a Red Kite flew slowly over.

When close to the 3M building, I went into the Waitrose car park to view both the  &  Peregrines.

I then followed the road around Waitrose to Millennium Way, Pied Wagtail flew passed. Crossing over and going down to Albert Road, seeing a Blackbird. Following the footpath back to Wokingham Road, added Long-tailed tit, Robin & House Sparrow. As I got to Portman Close I saw some small finches high up in one of the trees.

These turned out to be Siskins, as I turned around I noticed a small flock of birds fly off, but they landed on a nearby TV aerial and they turned out to be Waxwings (10+) they didn’t stay long flying down out of sight. So I went looking for them (did not relocated them), when at the corner of Stoney Road / Appletree Place in the tree with the mistletoe was a Mistle Thrush, also close by Starlings.

I then went down Stoney Road where there was Nuthatch, Blue tit, Carrion crow & Magpie, and looking down Arlington Close in the trees were Greenfinch and Goldfinch. Working my way back to work, Windmill Road had Collared dove, and feeding on the berries down Spencer Road were Fieldfares.

2013 Year List = 78

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