Monday, March 3, 2014


Wednesday 26th February as I was working in Peterborough, I read through the messages from the Peterbirder Yahoo group the night before and had information for Whooper swans and Cranes. Arrived early on site and completed all scheduled work, with no problems. I then drove to the Dog-in-a-Doublet public house,

and then quickly located the swan heard. I slowly drove down the track to the farm buildings, parked up and using the farm buildings as cover, set up my scope and  spent some time watching the swans (Mute & Whooper).

I left and drove to Nene Washes to the car park at the end of  Eldernell lane. I noticed two birders with scopes looking over the washes, so I headed for them. I then noticed a pale bird flying around the farm buildings of Eldernell farm, and then it landed on a fence post, it was a Barn Owl. I continued along the bank to the other birders, said hello and asked if they had seen any Cranes, and was told that there were two opposite on the track. Put up my scope and watched them as they preened and rested, there was an Oystercatcher close by so watched as it probed the earth finding worms.

 2014 Year List = 139

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