Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hemsted Forest Kent - Crossbill Twitch 24th October 2013

Found out on the 23rd that I was going to Maidstone to do a call, and that the system board had been ordered for a morning delivery. Set my alarm clock for 05:30 and was soon on the road to Hemsted Forest, and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise. Found the track as other cars parked up already, and was walking down the track just passed 08:00. Joined the other birders and around 08:30 some Crossbills flew over and landed high up in some pines, one of these was a Parrot Crossbill, but the view wasn't great as looking into the sun.
They flew off and a Yellowhammer flew in and landed on the oak, then some more Crossbills flew in and landed in the oak and on the nearby pines, in with the Common Crossbills were some Parrot Crossbills, this time the sun was behind me and I had great views, before this flock departed. Then around 10:40 another flock flew in and in with these was the male Two-barred Crossbill, and again getting great views before they departed. Time for me to depart as the system board had been delivered.

2013 Year List = 185

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