Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dipping the Radde's Warbler

15th October I had a job in an office on the perimeter road of Heathrow airport, and while I was waiting for the users data to transfer, I had a look at the bird news, finding out about the Radde's Warbler at Anton Lakes Andover. I finished my job, called in and had no more work, so drove round the M25, down the M3 and A303 to Andover. Found the lakes and parked up, a few other birders were returning to their cars and the news wasn't good it had not been seen since the morning. I found the area where other birders were still looking and joined in, for a few hours until around 17:30 when I left to go home. A good number of Chiffchaffs going through, two Red Kites over and a very tame male Pheasant were the highlights.

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