Friday, November 1, 2013

An afternoon at Elmley Marshes

While fault finding on the PC call in Maidstone, found the problem to be some failed memory, so not the system board. I called in and ordered some replacement memory and was given an ETA, which was late afternoon. This gave me time to make the short drive to Elmley Marshes. Turned on to the track and on the two mile journey to the car park had close views of Lapwings. Parked up at Kingshill Farm, looked at the owl box in one of the oak trees and standing in the entrance was a Barn Owl. I then started on the one mile walk to the first hide (Wellmarsh), when inside there was not alot to be seen, just a couple of Black-tailed Godwits. I could the hide (South Fleet) further round, and that there were alot of birds around and some birders in the hide as well. So of I went to join them, when inside they informed me that things should start to get better as the tide was coming in, and that would push the birds of the Swale. In my short visit as I had to return to Maidstone to install the memory and test the PC, I saw 38 species of bird, highlights being the Marsh Harriers and the female Peregrine that flew in and settled on a gate post to give herself a good preen.

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