Friday, December 5, 2014

White Ibis at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve Kent

As I was on holiday, went to Sevenoaks wildlife reserve in the afternoon of Tuesday 2nd December, as it had stopped raining in Farnborough. I arrived around 15:00 and started the walk to the field, passing other birders on their way back to the car park. I arrived at the field and found nobody else there, so I started to look for the White ibis, as the rain started again and the wind was coming straight at me, it was freezing. At 15:27 (time taken from record shots) I found the WHITE IBIS, so I took some record shots, watched it for a while through my scope and then went and found some shelter.

The rain stopped for a while so I went for another look, I was joined but two other birders but we could not relocate the White ibis, so I took a photo of the field and then headed home.  

2014 Year List = 232

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