Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Surf Scoter in Poole Harbour

A juvenile Surf Scoter had been reported for a number of days in Brand's Bay Poole Harbour, and I had some luck, as work sent me down to Bournemouth for work on the 15th November. When on site I checked the web and the Surf Scoter had been seen that morning, so I set of at lunch time to try and see it as this would be a new bird for me. Drove to Sandbanks and got the ferry as a foot passenger across to Studland Heath. I then walked up the road until I was level with Redhorn Quay and then followed the footpath to the shore line, as I was walked up the path two birders were coming back, they had seen the scoter, and told me it had flown off towards the harbour entrance. So I carried on and started to look for the scoter walking back towards the harbour entrance, I got to Jerry's Point still no scoter, and as I was scanning across Bramble Bush Bay, I found the Surf Scoter, that was close to some Red-breasted Mergansers. Took some record shots and then headed back to the ferry, I was able to put another birder on to the scoter, on the walk back to the ferry.

 2013 Year List = 188

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