Monday, November 5, 2012

West Wycombe Buckinghamshire

Today work took me to High Wycombe, and at lunch time I went to West Wycombe for a walk.
I parked down Toweridge Lane,
and crossed the A40 to view the fields, seeing Black-headed Gulls, Woodpigeons, Magpies, Pheasants, a few Red Kites overhead and then two Carrion Crows started to give a Buzzard, that was perched on a fence post a hard time, it took off and landed in a nearby tree.
In another field a Kestrel was hovering near the hedge, and further up the hill Red-legged Partridges were seen. I then walked towards West Wycombe and as I started the climb up to the Mausoleum a Grey Heron flew over, in the bushes was a Robin and Great Tit. In the numerous Yew trees were Blackbirds enjoying the berries. Once at the top of the hill I walked around the mausoleum,
and church yard, on my return down the hill Red Kites were seen flying below me giving great views.
I returned to my car and a Pied Wagtail was seen on the roof of one the the buildings. Before returning to work, I had a quick walk up Toweridge Lane to view the Game Cover Crop,
in which was a large number of Pheasants, Red-legged Partridge, and in the field Woodpigeons and Rooks and finally in the hedge Chaffinches.

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