Friday, November 7, 2014

Beachy Head Red-breasted flycatcher

Friday 24th October, I had a call in Redhill, which I completed without any issues, and no more calls in, so I headed down to Beachy Head for the Red-breasted flycatcher. As I neared the coast road it became very foggy, with rain showers. I parked up at the Beachy Head pub / Countryside centre car park.

I then started to walk to the area where the Red-breasted flycatcher had been seen, as I walked along I came across a small group of birders looking into a small clump of bushes near another car park. In here was the Red-breasted flycatcher, and I spent some time watching and trying to take a photo, but it was very foggy and wet,

I then received a call from work so had to leave, but left happy as another new bird on my UK life list.
2014 Year List = 229

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