Friday, April 4, 2014

Baikal Teal at Fen Drayton Lakes

Tuesday 1st April, and I started working near Heathrow airport, and expected to be there all day. I received a call from the service desk just before lunchtime, requesting that I go to a site in Redhill to look at a laptop.
I drove round the M25 to Redhill and completed this call without any issues, no more jobs for me. So I took the opportunity to go for the Baikal Teal that has been at the RSPB reserve Fen Drayton lakes. Again on to the M25 any then the M11 and then directions from the SatNav. Parked up in the car park, and found no information board, and this is quite a large reserve, and I had no idea where to go. So seeing another birder in his car, I went over and if he had seen the Baikal teal, he had not as he only arrived shortly before me. Lucky for me he printed out some directions, so we joined forces and set off, down some paths and then we crossed the guided busway, and finally on to the path that took us to the hide.

There was a couple of other birders in the hide and they pointed out the Baikal Teal, we watched him bathing a preening as he headed of to the island to the right of the hide. He then came out of the water on to the island continued to preen for a while and then went to sleep.

I then had a look around adding Little Ringed Plover, to my year list.
2014 Year List = 151

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